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yoga & pregnancy

Yoga is more than the poses.
Pregnancy is a normal condition
of the adult human.
if you agree, keep reading.​..
Even though you already know everything that I'm about to tell you, it will still blow your mind.
Pregnancy is the most common and the most unique experience: everyone walking around was born, and every single pregnancy is unique.

(This is true of life).

You might be here because you want to keep yourself or your students safe in a yoga class. You've heard that yoga can hurt pregnant students, or threaten pregnancy, and I'm here to reassure you that modifying the asana practice is one of the least important things you can do to support a pregnancy.

Mindset & story matter.

My coursework includes best practices to modify yoga practices in any style - hatha, vinyasa, hot, yin, restorative. But even more critical is a better understanding of why we are modifying practices. It's less about avoiding injury and more about preparing the body for what comes next.

Novel, eh? 

What if we evaluate all of the ways in which we operate from fear and consider whether there is a better, more empowered approach? 

My courses include resources from diverse aspects of yoga to support all sorts of pregnancy and birth. My courses do not suggest that there is a 'right way' to birth - in fact, I believe birth works in more ways than one person could ever experience or describe, and so I invest less time describing all of the possibilities and more time describing how to best prepare yourself (and your students).

Care to learn more?

Most of what I offer is for Yoga Teachers, but I do offer a few opportunities for prenatal yoga for pregnant students.
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