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Strategy Sessions
Some things are impossible to plan

If I could change one thing about pregnancy and birth preparation? It would be to release the idea that birth follows a plan.

Birth preparation is important, but it isn't planning. 

Let me show you...

A few useful tools
Birth Basics

This free offering includes:

An emoji-free pain and intensity scale that is practical and useful


Strategies to offer support at different increments of pain and intensity


A downloadable, printable cheat-sheet


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Essential Strategies

In this course, which is designed for partners, I cover:

How to know it's time to go
[to the hospital or call the midwife]


How to support each phase of labor

[explicit action steps]


How to skillfully navigate intensity and pain

[and what to do]

Course is $89


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You & Me
Custom Strategy Sessions

Have specific questions about your unique circumstances? 

Not working with a doula, but would like additional insights beyond what your care team can offer? 


Connect with me live, virtually for insights and support strategies for your unique circumstances.

Packages begin at $500

Learn more & Schedule Discovery
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