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custom 1:1 perinatal support unlike anything else

An encyclopedia of birth
A career of service
The capacity to hold space, no matter where we are going

My Story

I've been called Mary Poppins, The Eye of the Hurricane, and The Right Woman for the Job.

I once held a position titled Director of Journeys, and that's the truest title I've ever held. 

The work that I do in the world never had a name, until my final doula client.

He couldn't remember the word 'doula', and started calling me the 'oobla'. I wasn't there for the birth, and that wasn't what mattered to them. What mattered was connection and support through the IVF process, pregnancy, illness, and preparation for birth & beyond. 

I believe in preparation not protection, and I believe the preparation you need for parenthood is 100% custom and not contained in any book. Especially if your process is tender, tenuous, and precious.

I am not a coach, nor am I a clinician.

I am a field guide to uncharted territory.

A synthesizer of all possibilities.

A discerner of precisely the right words, and nothing more.


I'm in your pocket.

Oobla Services

I offer unlimited text, phone, and video call support to my 1:1 clients between 8am and 8pm Mountain Time.
Oobla services are $700 USD per month and can be retained a month at a time, or for the duration of the pregnancy.


In-person visits are possible with advanced arrangement at client's expense. 

Doula Services

Rarely, I step out of retirement to offer comprehensive prenatal and labor support. Doula services begin at $6,000 USD and vary based on travel expenses.

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