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Tender Pregnancy Guide.png

Overwhelmed by everything there is to know about pregnancy?

Eager to start reading?

Confused about where to start? 

The Tender Pregnancy Guide 
is the only thing
you need to read

I wrote this book for you...

Pregnancy is a different experience for each person.
For some people, it feels easy and breezy.
For others, it is tender.
If you feel tender, I wrote this for you.

Rather than a paper book you might swallow whole,
or an app that compares the size of your little to a fruit,
this guide is delivered weekly in a couple of snack-sized essays
that navigate the non-clinical aspects of pregnancy.
How you feel. How you think. How you experience the world.

I will walk you through each week.
I'm a real person, on the other end of the internet. 

I'm in your pocket.


What's in the guide?

First Trimester

Second Trimester

Third Trimester

How to actually rest
What to do if and when you feel anxious
Practical ways to be and feel grounded
Tools to nurture intuition

Build your birth team
Create space
Nourish your pregnancy
Tools to manage other peoples' adorable pregnancy baggage
Unpack your mama story

Preparing for birth
Clearing time & space

Baby moons, blessing ways, and baby showers
The importance of legacy

You are stronger than you think you are (and how I know)

BONUS - Ask Me Anything

Have a burning question you wish you could ask the author? 

You can.

Each copy of the guide comes with one personalized response. If you feel like something is missing, or doesn't make sense, you can ask me anything... and I'll reply.

This guide does not confer medical advice, nor is it a substitute for the care of a licensed clinician.

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