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Yoga & Pregnancy

a Training for Yoga Teachers

our culture fears pregnancy
our students trust us

let's change the broken story

pregnant yoga student and baby foot by monet nicole

deep rooted confidence when a
pregnant student enters your class? 

Nope. Yoga Teacher Training did not prepare you for this.

And, it’s not you who gets nervous around pregnant students.

It’s the anxieties of a culture where pregnancy is a condition to be feared, sidelined and tip-toed around.


Yes, medical understanding and intervention in pregnancy has saved many lives. Home birth has enjoyed a resurgence in the last few decades. And? Both ends of the spectrum have leveraged trauma, fear, misinformation and under-resourced support systems.


The truth is, pregnancy itself is not an illness or an injury.


Birth is normal.


Let’s change this broken story.

Become the yoga teacher pregnant students flock to
... and stop transmitting the broken story of fear-based birth

I believe that when we re-center and re-normalize pregnancy in our teaching, 

we plant the seeds for a less-traumatizing birth system.


As yoga teachers our students trust us. Our words have influence. We are uniquely positioned to deliver deep support and change the way our culture talks about birth.


That’s why this work is so much more than a prenatal teacher training. 


Pose modifications are useful. Yet they’re one of the least important things a yoga teacher can do to support a pregnancy.


This course equips you to deliver standout care and guidance to your pregnant students. 

While also creating more meaningful, memorable experiences for everyone you teach. The kind that keeps them coming back to you.

Less hesitation and fear.

More clients who trust you filling up your classes.

Yoga & Pregnancy

A Four Month Certificate Course for Yoga Teachers to Deepen Their Toolbox

Retain More Regulars & Contribute to a Less Traumatic Birth Culture

prenatal yoga student and prenatal yoga teacher by monet nicole


  • Become a trusted guide offering much-needed knowledge. No matter what you’re teaching, learn what makes pregnant students feel like they belong. Because they do.


  • Know exactly what to say to students and studio managers. There’s a trusted tool box of resources in here you can lean on for confidence. 


  • Know the why when you modify. You’ll learn best practices to modify any style: Hatha, vinyasa, hot, yin, restorative. More importantly, understand why you give modifications.


  • Change our culture’s broken story. Diffuse shame and fear as we return pregnancy, birth and parenthood to their rightful place of reverence. 


  • Ground into a sense of purpose that helps you show up. Channel any hellfire over birth inequity, patriarchy and white supremacy into work that makes this world safer for all new humans. 


  • Bring a compelling sense of meaning into your teaching. Birth is about the absolute majesty of what it is to be human. This perspective is transformational for all humans. 

Put your learnings into practice in a way that creates more trust and draws more regulars. Client retention and trust = more dependable income.

kari kwinn prenatal yoga teacher by däg larson
Hi, I'm Kari

I'm a birth worker & long-time yoga teacher

I help yoga teachers support pregnant students in all of their yoga classes

our story matters

I'm here to change the broken story our culture tells about birth
return birth to it's rightful place of majesty and reverence


Yoga & Pregnancy Includes:

Curated, clean, concise video lectures & resources

5 live [virtual] 'office hour' classes via zoom
**bonuses for early registration** 

access for one full year

CEUs for the Yoga Alliance & a certificate of completion


CEUs for the 
Yoga Alliance

pregnant woman and doctor by monet nicole
baby born via cesarean birth by monet nicole
queer parents and new baby by monet nicole


- This course happens entirely online, with a global community. 

- Modules are released monthly so that you can make your way through each module at a steady pace, return and repeat, and easily come back to as a reference any time.



- Ample office hours allow you to meet other like-minded teachers, facilitate a robust network of peers and mentors and ask questions about course material as you learn and apply it. 









- This course exceeds the necessary CEUs required by the Yoga Alliance and is worth both non-contact and contact hours.

- Proudly display your certificate as a signal to your students and your community that you have invested your time and energy in improving our shared stories about birth (and all bodies).

Modules 1-3 Released May 1st
Modules 4-6 Released June 1st
Modules 7-9 Released July 1st
Modules 10-12 Released Aug 1st

Tuesday, May 3rd: Intro & Welcome
Tuesday, June 7th: Q&A Modules 1-3
Tuesday, July 5th: Q&A Modules 4-6
Tuesday, August 2nd: Q&A Modules 7-9
Tuesday, September 6th: Q&A Modules 10-12

All sessions 90 minutes at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm GMT

We can change the story about birth - together


twelve modules


1. Human Fertility & the absurdity of due dates

2. Trimester by Trimester

3. Vinyasa Modifications

4. Yogic Perspectives on Anatomy

5. Lunar Modifications

6. The Importance of Story

7. Hot Style Modifications

8. Birth

9. Postpartum Anatomy

10. Postpartum Yoga

11. Who We Call & Why We Say Mother

12. How to Save Lives & Change the World


all paths to learning

A curated library of short, concise videos in each module for easy reference.

Live, interactive office hours to unpack and apply the curriculum.

Ongoing, quarterly office hours for sustained support & direction.

Short, free, sharable resources for students for every circumstance.

References for additional in-depth reading and study in all areas of inquiry.

Handouts and resources to better support your colleagues and managers.

smile laptop canyon.heic

We can change the story about birth, 

be better teachers for all of our students,

and create demand for our classes.


Let’s return pregnancy, birth, and parenthood 

to their rightful place of reverence.


Yoga and Pregnancy

Change our shared story about birth


Course access begins May 1, 2022


Q: How is this different from a prenatal yoga teacher training?
A: Prenatal yoga is a style of yoga that requires everyone in the room to be pregnant. This course prepares teachers who desire to better support pregnant students in the context of their yoga community aka non-prenatal yoga classes.

Q: I don’t mean to be rude, but why is this important?
A: Story matters. In the United States in particular, pregnant students are exposed to a culture of fear-based stories and myths about birth, which yields an alarming rate of maternal mortality (yes, more birthing people die in this country than most other developed nations on earth). The statistics for Black and Indigenous birthing people are disproportionately terrible. Yoga teachers are uniquely positioned into a seat of authority and trust and can have a true influence on these negative statistics and fear-based practices inside of our own communities simply by changing the way we engage with our pregnant students.

Q: Will I learn how to adapt yoga asana for pregnant students?
A: Yes! Not only will you learn how to modify yoga asana for pregnant students in a wide range of styles (hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, hot), you will receive videos and pdfs quick references that you can print and keep at the studio.

Q: What is your birth bias?
A: This is the million dollar question - thanks for asking! Many people who teach about birth feel strongly that birth ought to occur inside of or outside of a medical setting. This is an unskillful dichotomy. My bias is that all birthing people have options about where and how to birth. This means that they are healthy enough to choose home birth, resourced enough to access medical care, educated enough to make the choice that best suits them, AND that all professionally-attended birth options are safe & legal.

Q: Is this training for women only?
A: This training is open to yoga teachers of all genders.

Q: I’m still in yoga teacher training. Can I attend?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?
A: I offer equity pricing. Systemic practices in maternity care in the United States strongly disadvantage black birthing people, who die as as consequence of childbirth four times as frequently as white birthing people. Black teachers make up only a small fraction of paid yoga teachers in the United States. There are insufficient words to describe the atrocities in maternity and reproductive care access for Indigenous and First Nations people. Black and Indigenous teachers are invited to contact me for equity pricing access.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: I do not offer refunds, however, before or during the first week of enrollment you may transfer your tuition and registration to another person. Sort of like concert tickets.

Q: What is the structure of the comprehensive training?
A: This training has several components, and an intentional methodology. First, you may enroll in the self-paced course at any time.

For the live course:
Each week, I invite you to progress through a few short videos of priming material in advance of our live session. This material I have curated, recorded, and edited to make the most efficient use of your time. Each section is short, and you can go back and review any time.

We will meet as a live, synchronous group on zoom to discuss the priming material. You are invited to bring questions, scenarios, concerns, and areas for additional inquiry.

You will also receive links to external free resources that I have curated for you to share directly with students if and when they have questions about that particular topic. You are invited to peruse them at your leisure, and bring questions related to them into our live sessions.

Finally, you will receive a list of additional resources for deeper study and inquiry. Each module is supported by both lived and academic resources, and includes my favorite books and authors. I expect that several content areas will spark an interest in you, and I have lit the path for your curiosity


I am a one-woman shop, bringing my life's work to you in this course. Your early payment supports my ongoing efforts at production.

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